I Thought We Weren't Married? A Guide to the Alberta Family Property Act

Thursday, November 04, 2021 | 01:00 PM CST

On January 1 2020 the Alberta Family Property Act was introduced, changing the way that unmarried couples divide property and assets during separation. The biggest takeaway from this legislation? Unmarried couples who meet certain requirements will now be treated like married couples upon separation.

But wasn’t that already the case in Alberta? Not exactly. Watch a free webinar with lawyer Brett Shikaze of HMC Lawyers for everything you need to know about common law terms in Alberta and how to plan accordingly. He covers the following topics in addition to answering questions:

  • Understanding the Family Property Act law in Alberta

  • Common law relationships in Alberta

  • Risk management and anticipating the unexpected

  • Learning your rights and obligations

  • Types of partnership agreements

  • When to contact a lawyer