Change, Challenges and Opportunities: What's ahead for recruitment, engagement and retention in a post-pandemic lens?

Thursday, January 20, 2022 | 12:00 PM CST

Organizations that hope to achieve high-growth rely on high-performing employees. To recruit, engage and retain high-performing employees requires careful planning, thoughtful communication and a data-centric model that interconnects with all levels of the business.

Join hosts VEXXIT with presenter Cynthia Carr in this free 60-minute event to explore meaningful, data-driven employee engagement in a post-pandemic lens. Cynthia will discuss her experience and best practices to make better use of our data while enhancing communication and trust in a post-pandemic workplace.

Key topics:

  • A 2020-2021 lookback: What have we learned?

  • Understanding purposeful communication and trust in a post-pandemic lens

  • Tactics to lead with the power of data to build better companies

  • Creating an aligned recruitment, engagement and retention strategy

  • Tips to keep your workplace safe and move from surviving to thriving