Buying a House using the Bank of Mom & Dad: The Latest Trend in Millennial Homeownership

Thursday, September 23, 2021 | 11:00 AM CST

Did you know that 33% of Canadian homeowners need help from their parents to purchase a home? In Canada’s suburbs and cities alike, competitive home prices have millennials and first-time homebuyers at a disadvantage - causing them to turn to their baby boomer parents for financial help.

With the Bank of Mom and Dad as a relatively new “institution” - join Anna-Marie Musson, Founder & Managing Lawyer of Musson law for a free webinar to explore how homeowners and parents can protect their investments, navigate uncomfortable conversations, and prepare for any future through modern marriage contracts. All parties involved should land in a place where each feels secure and protected, legally and emotionally.

Key topics:

  • Evolving trends in real-estate and homeownership

  • The risks associated with the Bank of Mom & Dad

  • How to navigate difficult conversations

  • The importance of modern marriage contracts Key areas of a modern marriage contract

  • A lawyer's role in the process