Get to know us: The people behind Vexxit

Our founding team has built finance, media, and tech companies into industry leaders and public offerings. Throughout our careers, we have vexed and transformed a number of industries.

  • Duncan JessimanCo-founder

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    Founder of TSX-listed public company with a $1B market cap, Duncan is a former corporate lawyer with a 40-year career in the oil & gas, manufacturing, and aviation industries. A disruptor of stagnant industries, Duncan founded Vexxit with the belief that there is a better way for people to vet and access trusted advice.
  • Polly CraikCo-founder

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    A highly respected business leader, Polly vexed the non-profit industry by helping organizations realize sustainable growth through donor retention, leading to her firm’s acquisition by a Nasdaq-traded company. As a founding member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Manitoba chapter, Polly is a strong business advocate and has served as Chair of a Crown corporation and numerous boards.
  • Jocelyn ChipmanCo-founder/CEO

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    An Operations executive with 20+ years of experience leading organizations through change and growth, Jocelyn has driven retention and engagement in the non-profit and broadcast spaces. She has helped build firms for acquisition with a focus on profitability, and drove strategic planning and integration at media giant CanWest Global Hollinger.
  • Shauna JessimanCo-founder

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    PR strategist across many industries, Shauna previously drove national media for Sony Music Canada, executing campaigns for American Idol, Beyoncé and Cyndi Lauper. She was later instrumental in launching Canada’s first ever ultra-low-cost airline, successfully garnering millions of dollars worth of publicity for the company.
  • Sunil BridgelallTechnology Advisor

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    Technology and product management accelerator, Sunil has spent over a decade assisting multi-million-dollar brands to carve efficient and scalable paths from ideas to technology solutions. His clients have included Twitter, Coca Cola and American Express – customizing launch solutions, while ensuring a long market life.
  • Marc CaronTechnology Advisor

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    Accomplished tech innovator with 20+ years of international experience with Fortune 500 companies, Marc’s core expertise is bridging the disciplines of information technology and business to create new and often disruptive programs in the Internet space, leveraging his engineering background. Multi-national clients have included Microsoft, Starbucks, Pepsi, Apple, and Henkel.

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