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Ask a Vexxpert is a podcast that brings you into the life and expertise of Canada’s leading professionals in law, accounting, financial advisory and more. Each episode gives you insight into the lessons we learn from their illustrious careers.

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  • EPISODE 6 - Michael Juce: The Art of Communication in a Polarized World

    Some say that we’ve never been more strongly divided in terms of our viewpoints. But is that true? And even when passions run high and viewpoints clash, how can we remain respectful and productive? Michael Juce of Prairie Sky Strategy brings his wealth of knowledge in public affairs and government relations to shed light on keeping the lines of communication open and how to best move forward when teams or groups seem starkly on two sides of an issue. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 5 - Lisa Cefali: The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

    66% of employees say they would likely leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated. This is up from 51% in 2012. Today's podcast with Legacy Bowes' Lisa Cefali talks about the importance of showing appreciation for employees and how tailoring your approach positively impacts individuals, teams and your bottom line. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 4 - Robynne Kazina: A Deep Dive on Divorce, Separation, and LGBTQ+ Family Rights

    Award-winning family lawyer, Robynne Kazina, shares how family law and the law itself are shifting to keep up with our modern families. Listen to her illuminating perspective on divorce and separation alternatives, practical advice for parents, and updates to the law that are coming in 2021 tied to a hallmark case she led as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 3 - Anita Janzen-Gemmell: The Benefits of Long-term Planning

    Anita Janzen-Gemmell has made a name for herself helping businesses create actionable plans. Anita is a partner at BDO and she’s been excelling in the corporate community for more than 15 years in business succession planning, with a specialty in tax and accounting. In this episode, we learn about how creating a plan can be one of the best de-stressors out there. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 2 - John Stefaniuk: Doing the Right Thing

    As the digital world expands our options, people are looking more closely at how businesses measure up on environmental, social, and governance criteria. In this episode, we look at how businesses can improve and communicate their commitments to the greater community with award-winning lawyer, John Stefaniuk.

    John is a partner with TDS Law with a broad practice that includes natural resource and environmental law. With more than 25 years of experience, he’s gained global recognition for his work. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 1 - Rob Tétrault: The Art of Listening

    Rob Tétrault is an award-winning Portfolio Manager ranked in Wealth Professional’s Top 10 Wealth Advisors in Canada 3 times in the last 4 years. Rob identified the art of listening as one of the most critical life skills on the road to his success in wealth management. In this episode, Rob walks us through active listening, empathetic listening, and his own best practices. Read the full show notes at

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