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Ask a Vexxpert is a podcast that brings you into the life and expertise of Canada’s leading professionals in law, accounting, financial advisory and more. Each episode gives you insight into the lessons we learn from their illustrious careers.

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  • EPISODE 18 - 18. Paul Van Walleghem: The Financial Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

    As your own boss, when the receipts and invoices pile up, you might think, "I’ll get to it later." You are busy running a company, after all. With guest Paul Van Walleghem CPA, accountant at Lazer Grant LLP, we talk about why staying on top of your finances makes good business sense (aside from saving you the hassle of tackling that growing pile eventually). 

    Listen in as Paul shares practical tips on how to manage the numbers side of your business, from the time your company launches until it’s established and beyond. Visit for the full show notes. 

  • EPISODE 17 - 17. Nicole Stewart & Bram Strain: The Vaccination Debate in the Workplace

    Employers can agree that a safe return to work is necessary, but the topic of mandatory vaccinations is a controversial one. We look at the rights and responsibilities held by employers and employees, along with the role government has played in the vaccination debate. We also address the effects of the pandemic and the silver linings that have come out of it. Joining our discussion today is Nicole Stewart, Vice President of Human Resources at Payworks and Bram Strain, President and CEO of the Business Council of Manitoba. Visit for the full show notes.

  • EPISODE 16 - 16. Dany Théberge & Devin Wehrle: Policies, Procedures & Expecting the Unexpected

    As an employer, it’s necessary to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s an employee’s sudden health issue or a global pandemic, you need to know how to handle it—and fast. 

    Having the right policies in place can help. So can a labour and employment lawyer. 

    In this episode, we talk to celebrated Canadian labour and employment lawyers, Dany Théberge and Devin Wehrle, for their take on adapting during unprecedented times.

    Visit for the full show notes.

  • EPISODE 15 - 15. Marina Byezhanova: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Growing Your Personal Brand

    If you’ve ever had that nagging feeling that you don’t belong, you’re not alone. It’s called imposter syndrome, and it affects even the most successful CEOs and celebrities (Tina Fey and Michelle Obama, to name a couple).

    Our guest on today’s podcast, Marina Byezhanova, is no stranger to imposter syndrome. She shares with us how she managed the imposter syndrome that weighed on her and how she helps her clients do the same. An entrepreneur, global speaker, show host and branding expert, Marina also gives us invaluable tips on how to build our brands through social media and beyond. Visit for the full show notes

  • EPISODE 14 - 14. Celia Fergusson: Designing the Perfect Employment Agreement

    Employment agreements protect your interests — and those of your employees — from day one. In this week’s podcast, we get Fillmore Riley LLP Partner, Celia Fergusson’s take on why you need a solid employment agreement and what it should include. Visit for the full show notes.

  • EPISODE 13 - 13. Todd Andres: The Right Way to Fire Someone

    In this episode, Todd Andres, partner at Pitblado Law, speaks about the delicate balance of terminating an employee and how a small investment towards legal advice before you terminate an employee’s position can save you substantial time and money down the road. Visit for the full show notes.

  • EPISODE 12 - 12. Kim Visram: Why Prenups are a Good Idea

    They’re not among the favourite topics of conversation for most couples, but prenups have a lengthy list of benefits. Partner at Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier, Kim Visram, likens them to house insurance.  

    “We want that house insurance in place in case there is a fire,” she says. We hope to never experience a fire, but having insurance makes the unexpected a tiny bit more tolerable.

    These agreements are your insurance, should the unexpected ever happen in your personal relationship. We talked with Kim about what they entail and why they need to be addressed, especially if you own or have a stake in a business. Visit for the full show notes.


  • EPISODE 11 - 11. Jen Snyder: The Importance of Building Positive Relationships in Business

    In this episode, investment veteran Jen Snyder dives into the critical importance of building positive relationships and how exactly that factors into your success. Jen is the President of two companies led by all-female teams, Doyenne Financial Ltd., a portfolio management firm licensed in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, and Doyenne Insurance and Estate Planning Ltd. licensed in Manitoba and Ontario. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 10 - 10. Scott Hoeppner: The steps to take when allegations of harassment and discrimination enter the workplace

    In 2017, the #metoo hashtag went viral shining a spotlight on the magnitude of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace and beyond. The Black Lives Matter movement followed bringing to the light the horrific extent of discrimination and racial injustice.

    While it’s critical that this misbehaviour is getting attention and being condemned, these movements have uncovered that discrimination, harassment and injustice appears to be more prevalent than anyone wanted to believe. Today, we welcome Canadian lawyer, Scott Hoeppner to navigate this conversation. A partner at renowned firm, TDS Law, Scott is an expert in labour and employment law. He’s also guided numerous organizations through workplace investigations, providing legal support along the way. In this episode, Scott shares his expertise on how to make employees feel supported should they experience sexual assault, harassment or discrimination on the job, and the steps a company can take to investigate such allegations. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 9 - 9. Tim Kurbis: The Advice You Need When You Begin Your Business Journey

    Today's guest shares how entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success when working with professionals. With more than 30 years in the field, Tim has guided businesses from small to large and local to multinational through the legal ropes. A managing partner at Taylor McCaffrey Lawyers in Winnipeg, Tim has been recognized by Best Lawyers as one of the best lawyers in Canada in corporate law and is a past recipient of its Lawyer of the Year award in Manitoba. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 8 - 8. Kirk Mason: What You Need to Know About Owning and Building Properties

    While many of us have moved to working from home this past year, many still have ties to business properties. Maybe you own a storefront, an office building or a condominium complex. Maybe you’re considering building one. Or maybe your company is contracted to build these properties.

    Whatever your circumstance, if you have any stake in a business or even a residential property, you’ll want to listen to this podcast.

     Our guest today is Kirk Mason of HMC Lawyers, a firm based in Calgary, Alberta. Kirk specializes in construction litigation, condominium property litigation, contract review and negotiation, and other legal matters that affect the construction industry. He fills us in on what we need to know before we start the process and what to do if we run into trouble after the fact. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 7 - 7. Mickaela Maxwell: How Fostering a Diverse Workforce can help your business succeed

    Diversity and gender are two topics dominating conversations on and offline over the last year. As business owners, we strive to create diverse workforces because it’s the right thing to do. But we may not talk about the real benefits to business as often as we should.

    Our guest on today’s podcast, Mickaela Maxwell, is a numbers guru who thrives on serving her clients and championing diversity in the workplace. As Director of Private Company Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mickaela shares her advice on prepping for tax season before we shift our focus to the how and why behind fostering diversity in leadership. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 6 - 6. Michael Juce: The Art of Communication in a Polarized World

    Some say that we’ve never been more strongly divided in terms of our viewpoints. But is that true? And even when passions run high and viewpoints clash, how can we remain respectful and productive? Michael Juce of Prairie Sky Strategy brings his wealth of knowledge in public affairs and government relations to shed light on keeping the lines of communication open and how to best move forward when teams or groups seem starkly on two sides of an issue. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 5 - 5. Lisa Cefali: The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

    66% of employees say they would likely leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated. This is up from 51% in 2012. Today's podcast with Legacy Bowes' Lisa Cefali talks about the importance of showing appreciation for employees and how tailoring your approach positively impacts individuals, teams and your bottom line. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 4 - 4. Robynne Kazina: A Deep Dive on Divorce, Separation, and LGBTQ+ Family Rights

    Award-winning family lawyer, Robynne Kazina, shares how family law and the law itself are shifting to keep up with our modern families. Listen to her illuminating perspective on divorce and separation alternatives, practical advice for parents, and updates to the law that are coming in 2021 tied to a hallmark case she led as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 3 - 3. Anita Janzen-Gemmell: The Benefits of Long-term Planning

    Anita Janzen-Gemmell has made a name for herself helping businesses create actionable plans. Anita is a partner at BDO and she’s been excelling in the corporate community for more than 15 years in business succession planning, with a specialty in tax and accounting. In this episode, we learn about how creating a plan can be one of the best de-stressors out there. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 2 - 2. John Stefaniuk: Doing the Right Thing

    As the digital world expands our options, people are looking more closely at how businesses measure up on environmental, social, and governance criteria. In this episode, we look at how businesses can improve and communicate their commitments to the greater community with award-winning lawyer, John Stefaniuk.

    John is a partner with TDS Law with a broad practice that includes natural resource and environmental law. With more than 25 years of experience, he’s gained global recognition for his work. Read the full show notes at

  • EPISODE 1 - 1. Rob Tétrault: The Art of Listening

    Rob Tétrault is an award-winning Portfolio Manager ranked in Wealth Professional’s Top 10 Wealth Advisors in Canada 3 times in the last 4 years. Rob identified the art of listening as one of the most critical life skills on the road to his success in wealth management. In this episode, Rob walks us through active listening, empathetic listening, and his own best practices. Read the full show notes at

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