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Here’s how it works

It’s easy to get matched to a top vetted professional.


It takes 5 minutes.

Answer a few questions and tell us what you need.

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We search our network.

Next we match you with the best professionals.

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Chat with professionals.

Connect with your matched professionals online and select who you want to work with.

Our professionals are ready to work with you.

Once matched, you can review the profiles of your matched professionals, and then decide who to work with. Recommend your professional to others by leaving a review.

Finding the right professional for a situation used to be challenging.
We fixed that.

Vexxit believes Canadians deserve choice when looking for professional advice. We believe it should be easier to access those choices.

With Vexxit, finding a professional goes like this:
First, our online tool asks you basic questions. Second, we ask you a few more specific questions about your needs. Third, we ask for some demographic and personal interest questions. Lastly, we connect you to your matches and you make the final decision.

In any working relationship, chemistry matters. How can you know it’s a fit?
We have a formula for that.

Vexxit’s proprietary algorithm matches personality types, work styles, and interests, which impacts success.

Professionals are not a one-size-fits-all. When you come to Vexxit in search of a professional — be it a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, or consultant — our online tool goes to work finding the professional for you.

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Vexxit is on a mission to help people get the advice they need.
That starts with helping them find professionals they can count on for the long run.
See what people are saying.

We’re here to make your
challenges lighter.
Here’s why you should choose Vexxit.

We’re innovators at heart. We’re driven by the desire to advance the professional services landscape by being the go-to digital landmark for connecting people with professional advisors.

Here’s what that means for you:
It’s free to use the platform to find professionals
Our network is exclusive to top vetted professionals
Reviews are trusted and from peers (never bought)

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