Vexxit Co-Founders Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik on START Podcast

5 min. readbyVexxit StaffonJuly 20, 2020
This week, Vexxit co-founders Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik are guests on Tech Manitoba's START Podcast, a show that highlights startup businesses in the prairies.

Our very own Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik are this week's featured guests on START Podcast, a show about startups from the prairies hosted by Margaux Miller. Listen here and read on for details from the show.

This week on Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller speaks with Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik, co-founders of Vexxit – an online marketplace that uses machine learning to match people who need professional services with experts to meet their specific needs. Duncan first founded of Exchange Income Corp, a TSX-listed public company reaching a $1B market cap. Polly founded FineLine Solutions, a firm focused on supporting not-for-profit organizations with donor retention, which after 30 years was acquired by a Nasdaq-traded company. Having worked with many professionals, these two powerhouses jumped back in to found Vexxit with the belief that there is a better way for people to vet and access trusted advice. In this episode, Duncan and Polly discuss finding your role as a leader, finding technology partners to bring your idea to life, and what it is like to start multi-generational businesses in the Canadian Prairies. If you want to learn about starting a business from two guests who have completed the full cycle from idea to acquisition and are doing it again, then this episode is for you.

Listen to the full episode now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or your favourite podcast platform.

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