Top 5 Lifestyle Tips for Lawyers to Survive and Thrive in Their First 5 Years

3 min. readbyVexxit StaffonOctober 01, 2021
There’s no question the first five years of working as a lawyer are especially hard. Explore 5 tips that will help you manage work-life balance as a lawyer in your first 5 years of practice.

You’re grinding to gain clients, get noticed, learn the ropes and produce enough billable hours to hopefully get you on the partner track. There’s also that thing called life you have to do outside of your job, and it’s no easy task trying to balance both.

These tips will help you manage the essential work-life balance as a new lawyer.

Don’t spend above your means

It might be tempting to buy the fancy car or expensive clothes to impress potential clients and business associates, but “I’ll pay it off later” isn’t the mindset you want to adopt early in your career. Start on a high note. Chip away at your student loans, if you have them, and focus on your bills. Establish a good credit rating. Spend on the practical things that will advance your career, like technology that will facilitate meetings with clients or help you get (and stay) organized, or memberships to organizations that will help you grow professionally. Stick to the basics for now and enjoy the luxuries if and when they come.

Make calculated moves

Yes, you want to get noticed at your firm, but that doesn’t have to mean saying “yes” to everything. If you’re focused on a particular niche in the legal field (which can actually increase your value as a lawyer), maybe you offer up a presentation that explains your niche at a company event rather than heading the event planning committee. If you’re feeling stuck at a firm that’s conservative in naming partners, maybe you make a lateral move to another firm that has more opportunities for growth. The key is to make moves that make sense, rather than burning yourself out by taking on too many tasks that won’t get you where you want to go.

Give before you take

Instead of constantly asking for favours from those around you—“Hey, can you look over my paperwork?” or “Do you mind putting in a good word for me with so-and-so?”—think about how you can help those who can help you. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t ask for advice from those whose opinions you respect, but givers tend to get more in return.

Take care of yourself

Self-care is more than a buzzword. When you’re run down from working too much and sleeping too little, or simply not prioritizing your own needs, you’re going to struggle. So will your ability to do your job and care for your family—or yourself. It might seem counterintuitive to pull back on those late nights at the office or company events, but doing so when you’re already feeling burnt out will give you the energy you need to focus your attention where it matters.

Make use of the tools available to you

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