Love in the Time of Corona: Zoom marriages & post-pandemic divorces

5 min. readbyVexxit StaffonApril 28, 2020
The global pandemic has introduced challenges and changes in the world of romance and love. Dating apps are seeing traffic surges, people are getting married online and others are planning their divorces. Here are some stories that reassure us all that we are not alone, however we feel about the people we're locked down with.

It could only happen in Italy. Amid the quarantine in Verona, Michele stepped out onto his terrace to enjoy the evening music of a violinist playing on a balcony across the street. His gaze fell on Paola, the violinist’s sister. It was love at first sight. “The music was like an arrow fired by Eros,” Paola told The Daily Mail. The couple connected through Instagram and are now planning a blissful post-coronavirus future together.

Meanwhile in Idaho, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – who divorced some 20 years ago – have shacked up to self-isolate with their “three daughters, two of the daughters’ boyfriends, some unidentified bloke and lots of Demi’s small dogs,” according to The Guardian. Bruce’s current wife and their two children are in California, posting messages to the Idaho team via Instagram.

The pandemic has forced us all into strange arrangements. We’re living smaller, more tightly-knit lives. In some ways, it’s easier to focus on what is important. Many things will never go back to the way they were – and for some people, that includes their romantic partnerships.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made it legal to get married over Zoom. “I am issuing an Executive Order allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference,” he tweeted.

Dating apps are surging in activity. According to a CBC report, “Bumble Canada, part of the global social networking app, reported a 56 per cent increase in video calls during the week ending March 27 compared to the previous week — after most of North America had implemented strict physical distancing and isolation protocols.”

While the absence of physical proximity is making some hearts grow fonder, sheltering in place is causing other hearts to cool. In China and Europe, where a few regions are emerging from lockdown, divorce filings are on the rise.

Couples who were living separate lives or on the brink of collapse before quarantine, are now either figuring out how to live amicably – or vowing to find their own places once this is over. If lockdown with a partner has made you realize that a divorce or separation would be in your best interest, there are steps you can start making now to get organized. For example, you might start making lists of your assets, get legal advice on your rights or arrange for some virtual arbitration sessions.

On the other hand, if your online romance is blossoming, or you’re sharing a roof with someone you realize you no longer want to ever be without – it’s as good a time as any to sort out a prenuptial agreement, get your financials in order and maybe even plan a Zoom ceremony.

Fortunately, lawyers have been declared an essential service. They may be working from home, but they are there to help you plan your post-pandemic new life

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