Be the Lawyer Millennials Want

3 min. readbyJulie Rempel, VP Marketing & Partnerships, VexxitonDecember 03, 2021
How can you be the lawyer millenials want, while increasing your effectiveness in digital sales and marketing? Vexxit's VP of Marketing & Partnerships, Julie Rempel, explores how lawyers can showcase their services and expertise to this massive, emerging market of millennial clients.

"The only thing constant is change". – Heraclitus

One constant since the beginning of time: change. We've all had our fair share of change over the last few years. As much as the pandemic forced the world to a halt, it has also sped up change at an alarming rate. The impacts are evident throughout every industry, profession and generation.

Industries who may have previously been risk averse are now struggling to catch-up. The legal industry has faced challenges to evolve its business development practices as it wrestles with new expectations from client relationships, particularly millennials.

How do you reach millennial clients?

Millennials are the first generation to grow up in a digital world. If you can believe it, this age group is now approaching 40 years old. The purchasing behaviours of these young people has placed pressure on the traditional tactics of legal marketing and business development for lawyers. Instead, law firm marketing is conducted (and expected) to occur through DMs (direct messaging), social media platforms, Yelp or Google.

Data shows that over 63% of millennial consumers use the Internet to find a lawyer. Millennials are willing to spend hours online reading blogs, watching videos, sourcing reviews and even reaching out to social influencers for advice.

Millennials are using the tools that come naturally to them to find the services they need. The millennial generation has grown up, for the most part, in an instant world with the ability to get answers they need instantly a few taps of their fingertips or voice commands.

How do you effectively market your legal practice and expertise to this massive, emerging market of millennial clients? By learning what they like and how they like to communicate and ultimately being present where they are, online.

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