A Letter from Jocelyn Chipman, CEO of Vexxit

5 min. readbyJocelyn ChipmanonJanuary 20, 2020
In her own words, CEO and co-founder Jocelyn Chipman introduces Vexxit and the philosophy behind it.

The dawn of a new decade is a turning point; a time to shed old routines that no longer serve us and a time to open our minds and arms toward expansion. For me personally, and together with our entire team, this decade begins with a special milestone: the birth of Vexxit, our revolutionary professional services marketplace.

Our Founders - Duncan Jessiman, Polly Craik, Shauna Jessiman and myself, created Vexxit with the vision of utilizing technology to help humanize professional services, and in doing so, becoming a disruptor in the industry. All too often, professionals are sought out in the midst of stress or crisis. At Vexxit, we seek to create a world where people look forward to working with their lawyer, accountant, consultant or financial advisor – knowing they’ve found the right professionals who work to make their lives better.

The milestones in one’s personal life – graduation, starting a family, changing jobs, moving homes, creating a business, losing loved ones, retiring and so many other life transitions – require many choices along the way, while navigating tricky financial and legal matters, as well as emotions. These are the times most people could benefit from the measured guidance of those who have ‘been there, done that’. Trustworthy and experienced professionals can greatly improve one’s outcomes, not only in dealing with life changes, but in anticipating and preparing for them.

Vexxit is the result of four years of extensive research, development and collaboration with our prospective clients. Our technology assesses and matches professionals across seven categories and 26 attributes, while our vetting process ensures our roster of professionals are licensed, in good standing and eager to earn their clients’ trust and ongoing business.

For clients, Vexxit's free matching tool will help you find the lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or consultant that best suits your needs and maybe even share some of the same interests if that’s important to you as it’s based on the criteria you supply. You will be given a shortlist of professionals who are all prepared to meet you and want to earn your business. It’s up to you to engage in a dialogue with each, and ultimately choose your match.

From a professional perspective, Vexxit helps you build a more meaningful business practice on your own terms. You will meet clients with whom you can build long-term trusted relationships, giving you the opportunity to provide more valuable and personalized services.

As you explore Vexxit and get to know our team, you will find we are well on our way to becoming a fantastic start-up story. As any entrepreneur or business owner knows, going from vision to reality is both exciting and daunting. We have attracted a passionate and capable group of innovative thinkers who are adaptable, open-minded and appreciate taking well-managed risks. Most importantly, each of us is able to think like our clients, with every decision we take.

I want to close with my commitment to you: Vexxit will treat our customers, our colleagues, and our partners with the greatest of respect; we will listen to your feedback and manage our business with passion, humility, and most of all, integrity.

As we enter the new roaring twenties of the 21st century, we invite you to join us and start building your own team of professional support, positioning your life and business for the best that is yet to come.

- Jocelyn Chipman

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