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We believe in the value of advice

Here's a little about us.

At Vexxit, we are passionate about connecting people and professionals.

We believe it is time to evolve business practices and form relationships through technology-first … knowing that is just the beginning.

We will make the journey easy, efficient and rewarding.

At Vexxit, we believe in finding you your perfect professional match.

We’re real people who live in the same fast-paced world that you do.

Our Founders - Duncan Jessiman, Polly Craik, Jocelyn Chipman and Shauna Jessiman , created Vexxit with the vision of utilizing technology to help humanize professional services, and in doing so, becoming a disruptor in the industry. All too often, professionals are sought out in the midst of stress or crisis. At Vexxit, we seek to create a world where people look forward to working with their lawyer, accountant, consultant or financial advisor – knowing they’ve found the right professionals who work to make their lives better.

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We’ll get you well-advised.

We’ll do it by widening your search and connecting you with the best. That is our promise.

Where to find us

300-136 Market Avenue,
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
R3R 3J6
Phone : (888) 897-1267

Now, meet our Founding Team.

Let’s get you matched

It only takes 15 minutes to get started.

If you’re an individual or business owner in need of legal, accounting, financial, or other specialized services, we’ll help you find the best providers for you.